Out there still are islands, not consumed by resorts and travelling influencers. Wide beaches are empty, wild animals inhabit the jungle and not even one car can be found. The local life flows slow, fullfilled with all-shared smile. Sometimes the strong wind comes bending the palm trees and heavy, thick rain purs, teaching respect towards imensity of the nature and reminding that all creatures are equal, no one more important from the others. But most of the the time, sun warms heads and hearts, allowing to find harmony when we stop being afraid and trust the surrounding world and ourselves. On one of these islands, the black coconut has been found.


Black coco is already the fourth album by a mysterious Flaner Klespoza. It is available both digitally and as analogue cassettes.

Photography, Video & Visual Design by Alicja Lilianna Szpila

Released by Nagrania Somnambuliczne

Official Website czarnykokos.somnambuliczne.pl


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